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A Sonic Visual performance, together with Natalia Castrillón

Connecting live painting with self prepared natural colors and harp music.


Performed at Galleria Kasvihuone 8/2021

Supported by Taike, Koneen Säätiö and Interkult Kassandra ry


Artististic research collaboration combining visual arts (street art) and dance. Created together with a choreography Ndjara Rasolomanana and his group Ndjara Dance Company.

Demo shows performed in 2020:

9/2020 Mounou Mounou Liikkuu Liikkuu Mounou Mounou Liikkuu Liikkuu -dancefestival (Sibiri Konate Company, Interkult, Central Library Oodi)


10/2020 For Peace  - Dance Event (Artpreneur Finland Association, REDI Shopping Mall)

Experimental impro based performance

Experimental impro based performance combining live painting and cello music. Together with cellist Sergio Castrillón.

Shows performed in 2020:

8/2020 Taiteen kotitalo, Kerava, Finland


9/2020 Mimmit peinttaa - street art event, Helsinki, Finland

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