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I've been working with a large scale of different conservation and restoration projects in Finland and abroad.

In Finland I've been working for example here:

EMMA Modern Art Museum, Espoo

HAM Helsinki Art Museum, Helsinki

Taidehalli/Konsthall, Helsinki

Artsi Vantaa Art Museum


Abroad I've been working for example here:

Centro Nacional de Conservación y Restauración, Santiago, Chile

Historiska Museet, Stockholm, Sweden (project included to the conservation studies)

Links to some of my conservation projects:

Conservation of Tove Jansson's murals "Sähkö" and "Lepo työn jälkeen"

Helsinki Art Museumömbergin+maalausten+konservointi/

Conservation of Birger Carlstedt's artwork "Yhteiskuntakoneisto"

EMMA Modern Art Museum

Conservation of a big 19th century painting with working group

Centro Nacional de Conservation y Restauración, Santiago, Chile

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