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fuego que te llama

2018, Santiago, Chile

You know the classic "what to do with my life" -question. Feeling ok but something inside you graving for a big change. Years ago I was living a very long period with that kinds of strong and being lost feelings. I started to take seriously the dream about getting to know South America. My secret dream.

I started to work for that dream, and little by little made it possible. Then one day I found myself living and working with arts in Chile for a while.

A little did I know how much that point would change my life. I found a whole new world and great inspiration, something that sets my heart on fire like art and dance. If somebody has ever had a talk with me about the South América I guess you know.

This is my little story that I wanted to share behind my mural called "fuego que te llama", that I painted in october 2018, when I returned to Chile.

I hope everybody follows and takes care of that fire that they have inside.

Thanks to my people for sharing this crazy thing called life with me.

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